Marengo County School System

The Marengo County School District, located in west-central Alabama, is a rural school system serving just under 1,000 students at three schools.  The district's three K-12 unit schools are:  A. L. Johnson High School (Thomaston), Marengo High School (Dixons Mills), and Sweet Water High School (Sweet Water).  Also included in the system is an alternative school.  With almost 200 employees, the school district is one of the largest employers in the county.

The Marengo County School District has built a tradition of achievement and excellence in academics and athletics.  We take pride in providing students and their families a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment.  We are excited about the promise of new ideas and new initiatives that will help create even better schools for the students and families we serve.



Inspiring and Empowering



Marengo County strives to be a student-centered school system that prepares all students for future academic, professional, and personal success.


We Believe:

1. All students can learn and thrive with a high quality and comprehensive curriculum and effective instruction.


2.  Everyone has worth, deserves kindness and respect, and has a right to be safe.


3.  Education is a shared commitment between the school system, parents, and the community.


The Marengo County School district leadership team uses this vision and purpose to guide its program offerings, personnel decisions, professional development and instructional expectations.